RTP (AS-One 150)

Rapid Thermal Processing Furnace

Annealsys, AS-One 150


  • Modus Operandi:
  • Contamination category: A, B
  • Sample-size:
    Pieces ... 6″ wafers
AnnealSys AS-One 150 Rapid Thermal Annealing/Oxidation/H2 Anneal/Nitridation

FOM-Name and Location

  • FOM-Name:
    – IHT – RTP (AS-One 150)
  • Location:
    WSH, Room 24B101


  • Tool manager:
    Birger Berghoff
  • Instruction video:
    Open video
  • Tool description:
    Cold-wall RTP with stainless steel chamber,
    high vacuum,
    annealing in pure hydrogen possible,
    process gases: Ar, NH3, O2, H2