Low- and High-Temp Vac Probe Station

Low- and High-Temperature Vacuum Probe Station with Heatable Transfer Box

Kammrath & Weiss, Cryo-Stage and Heating Module


  • Modus Operandi:
  • Contamination category: C
  • Sample-size:
Low-Temperature Probe Station with Transfer Box

FOM-Name and Location

  • FOM-Name:
    - IHT - Low- and High-Temp I-V  Measurements
  • Location:
    WSH, Room 24B116


  • Tool manager:
    Birger Berghoff
  • Instruction video:
    Open video
  • Tool description:
    Vacuum probe station with 5 in-situ maneuverable tips
    Temperatures range with evaporation cryostat: 8...320 K
    Transfer box can be opened in-situ, equipped with hot-plate that allows temperatures up to 800 °C